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Why Traditional Approaches Do Not Work

The days of reviewing what has happened in the past are long gone. In today's fast paced, "real-time information" age, employees NEED and WANT to know what's working and what's not as the work is happening so they can adapt and adjust to achieve results. Managers, team leads and employees need to be able to connect, share and give input ongoing, anytime, anywhere.
Commonly, goals are set at the beginning of the year and then never visited again until the end of the year. In the ever changing demands of business, goals need to be easily viewed, updated and tracked in order for employees to see the connection between the importance of their "everyday" work and the achievement of the organization's goals. Goals that are rigid and unchangeable and do not visibly link to the ongoing performance of the overall team or company, will quickly be forgotten by employees and managers alike.
By traditional standards, meetings are the main structure for providing updates, progress reports and task reminders for most projects. This means significant time can lapse, important actions can be forgotten and progress can be derailed in between scheduled project team meetings. For projects to run effectively and efficiently, teams need to be able to communicate quickly, update progress in real time, and provide ongoing input, reminders and encouragement to keep on track.
In a world of social networks and the ability to link to and check in with people around the world, the balance between social life and work life needs to be closely aligned. If connecting, updating and interacting with people within the work place is not as integrated as out of the workplace, it's easy for employees to lose interest, disengage and work in silos.
In most companies, performance management revolves around a singular review focused on past actions and behaviors. Most managers and employees dread the annual review process because it is time consuming, and they feel there is a disconnect between what is accomplished on a day to day basis which in turn, demotivates employees, even if they have been given favorable ratings and remarks. Additionally, most leaders feel that feedback given during the annual review process has little to no impact on the achievement of organizational goals.
The landscape of how people gather knowledge and information has changed dramatically and employees want to have on-demand access to resources, peer input or best practices in the moment they need it. Also, traditional structures of assigning training often create disconnects because there is no link between the learning activities and the tools that support coaching, development plans or feedback.

What Approach Does Work


Managers Invest in Coaching & Ongoing Feedback

Continuous, ongoing feedback is the key to growth and development of employees, but managers don't always have the time to interface. Managers and employees need easily accessible tools in order to give feedback and input that is quick, real time and relevant to what is happening today. The right tools need to be put in place so managers, team leads and employees can provide and gather input and information to impact performance as it is taking place.


Employees Engage Often & Meaningfully

Employees like to know what's going on, who's involved, how they can help and how they're doing on a regular basis. Being able to give and receive real time feedback, view progress, achieve rewards and have a forum for goal or project specific communication will keep employees interacting each day and engaged in their work. Providing tools to manage projects, set milestones and reminders, and view progress will help teams interact and support each other as they work toward common goals.


Collaboration & Recognition

Empowering teams with the ability to recognize and reward one another will keep the group cheering each other on and heading toward success together. Peer sharing and communication access will allow employees to share best practices and learn from one another. Tools that allow managers and other team members to recognize achievements easily and in real time, will ensure that good behaviors are being reinforced and the right skills are being acknowledged.


Performance Reviews are Continuous, Objective and Easy

Providing snapshots of progress ongoing and conducting frequent assessments can help employees stay engaged by knowing what they have achieved and how they measure up throughout the year. And, if annual performance reviews are still a part of your process, pulling it all together into one final report needs to be as easy for managers as clicking a button!


Goals are Agile

Setting goals will always be at the core of professional and personal success, but now more than ever, the right tools to set, track, and measure can make or break goal achievement. With the ever changing landscape of business demands, goals need to modified and adjusted on a regular basis in order to remain relevant, meaningful and linked to the overall direction of the organization and employees need to see the link between their day to day work and goal achievement.


Learning is Relevant and Timely

Ongoing learning opportunities motivate employees but if it not readily available or relevant to performance success and goal achievement, even the best training content will fall short. Employees need access to self directed and peer-to-peer learning opportunities in addition to "formal" training structures and managers need the ability to easily access and assign training to provide prescriptive solutions when coaching or giving feedback.

Look Who's Making It Work

"Coaching and development of field employees has always been a top priority for any manager, we all know that. But, it's been difficult to create sustainable and continuous coaching because of the right tools and systems weren't available..."

Karen Harrigan
Division Sales Manager

"TalentFirst provides the missing link between training, coaching, and development. It empowers managers to make prescriptive training assignments in real time when coaching and giving developmental feedback..."

Ronda Robinson, CPLP
Sr. Director, Training & Development
Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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