Reinventing Performance Management


Modern workplace coaching is all about personal engagement, open-ended questions, active listening, and genuine in the moment learning.

Real-time Feedback & Recognition

Ongoing feedback tools should be designed for daily engagement so managers can easily provide real-time recognition and relevant feedback to keep employees engaged, focused and productive.

Social, Mobile Collaboration

Collaboration thrives when organizations provide a platform for managing team projects, setting milestones and discussing progress to keep employees interacting with one another and engaged in their work.

Agile Goal Setting

Agile goals will always be at the core of professional and personal success, but in the dynamic world of work, the right tools to set, track, and measure goal progress are critical.

Connected Learning & Assessments

Ongoing learning and assessment opportunities should ultimately help managers assess skills and assign training directly linked to the needs of the business AND the growth potential of the employee.

Continuous Performance Growth

Technology-enabled performance management unites the goals of the business with the aspirations of the people who bring the business to life. 

Look Who's Making It Work

"Coaching and development of field employees has always been a top priority for any manager, we all know that. But, it's been difficult to create sustainable and continuous coaching because of the right tools and systems weren't available..."

Karen Harrigan
Division Sales Manager

"TalentFirst provides the missing link between training, coaching, and development. It empowers managers to make prescriptive training assignments in real time when coaching and giving developmental feedback..."

Ronda Robinson, CPLP
Sr. Director, Training & Development
Portola Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

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