• Coaching

  • Real-time Feedback & Recognition

  • Social, Mobile Collaboration

  • Agile Goal Setting

  • Connected Learning & Assessments

  • Continuous Performance Growth


Coaching is a key component of successful leadership today, and modern workplace coaching is all about personal engagement, open-ended questions, active listening, and genuine “in the moment” learning. Consistent coaching conversations keep managers plugged-in and keep employees engaged. This open dialogue helps better prepare both managers AND employees to tackle the ever-changing world of work today.

Making Coaching Work

  • Commit to a culture of coaching and don’t look back
  • Managers need expectations around coaching, including general guidelines around frequency and what “good coaching” looks like
  • Coaches want a simple coaching model that outlines steps regarding how to provide actionable, relevant feedback

iCoachfirst Coaching

  • iCoachFirst enables on-the-fly feedback that drives a continuum of coaching activity
  • Informal and structured feedback tools are available to accommodate every coaching situation
  • iCoachFirst provides a library of guided coaching templates to facilitate meaningful interactions
  • Coaching conversations capture both manager and employee comments and observations for a more productive dialog
  • Have a coaching model you subscribe to? Customize a coaching conversation template to drive the leadership behaviors you expect
  • iCoachFirst closes the gap between coaching and training by linking developmental resources to coaching conversations
  • Next-step actions and development opportunities are built-in components of the coaching process

Real-time Feedback & Recognition

Ongoing feedback is critical to employee growth and development, yet managers have historically struggled to make time for it. Today, thanks to mobile and social tools designed for daily engagement, managers can easily provide real-time recognition and relevant feedback to keep employees engaged, focused and productive.

Making Feedback Work:

  • Employees need feedback and recognition that is timely and immediately relatable to real-time work
  • People engage more when feedback and recognition is tied directly to individual and/or organizational goals
  • Recognition and feedback should flow in every direction to maximize team engagement, collaboration and results

iCoachfirst Recognition and Feedback:

  • iCoachFirst provides multiple levels of feedback, including single-direction or two-way feedback conversations
  • Outlook plug-in and native mobile application allows for real-time, easy-to-provide feedback anywhere, anytime
  • Solicit or provide feedback to direct reports, peers, or anyone in your organization
  • iCoachFirst customers can easily create awards, letters of appreciation, and certificates during moments of recognition
  • Celebrate team wins and provide social recognition through the Connect communication board
  • Link to your organization’s incentive and rewards system for greater ease and impact
  • TalentFirst acts as a living repository of feedback and recognition for “always-on” access to employee development data and insights
  • View your employees’ feedback activity over time to inform coaching and development conversations
  • Increase your organization’s overall “feedback health” for a more productive and engaged culture

Social, Mobile Collaboration

Being able to view progress and provide a forum for project-specific communication keeps employees interacting with one another and engaged in their work. Providing tools to manage team projects, set milestones and reminders, and discuss progress helps teams connect and support each other as they work toward collaborative goals.

Making Collaboration Work:

  • The cornerstone of collaboration is transparency. Leaders need to be open with their teams to build trust in communication
  • Team collaboration is essential, but cross-team collaboration can change the trajectory of business results
  • Collaboration grows when people know and understand each other, so encouraging relationship building and team development will positively impact business results.

iCoachFirst Social Mobile Collaboration:

  • Leverage appropriate social and mobile technologies to help teams communicate quickly and stay engaged
  • Native mobile application allows for greater system use and employee connection
  • Feedback on-the-fly through the technology we use every day in-grains developmental and collaboration into our daily routines
  • Socialize ideas, updates and best practices instantly with your team in an easy, yet controlled, manner
  • Team collaboration board allows for continuous, group communication and idea sharing
  • Gamification and leaderboards allow for healthy competition and creative ways to spark greater interaction
  • Share knowledge and ideas from team members, managers, and other colleagues both within and outside of immediate teams
  • Enable connections and feedback up, down, and across your organization for a more unified, collaborative culture
  • Through People Search, bring together more effective coach-mentee relationships.

Agile Goal Setting

Setting goals will always be at the core of professional and personal success, but in the dynamic world of work, the right tools to set, track, and measure goal progress are critical. With an ever-changing landscape of business demands, goals need to be modified and adjusted on a regular basis to remain relevant and meaningful. And today, employees expect to see the link between their daily work and their overall goal achievement.

Making Agile Goals Work

  • Create a goal setting framework that is less rigid and more flexible, innovative and efficient
  • Ensure goals are fully aligned and cascade from one another clearly
  • Establish agreed-upon, shared goals so team members can focus on what matters through collaborative efforts
  • Instead of SMART goals, try the CLEAR goal model (Google it, you won’t be disappointed!)

iCoachFirst Agile Goal Setting

  • Sets focused, yet nimble goals, that can be modified based on evolving business realities
  • Assign or request “goal coaches” that can provide on-going, meaningful feedback and dialog around key objectives
  • Support goal attainment with continuous micro-conversations and check-ins to ensure proper transparency and agility
  • Use goal-focused Coaching Conversation to drive more structured coaching around objectives
  • Link training resources to goals to drive greater understanding and more focused growth and development
  • Have line-of-sight to personal goals at all times to maintain focus on what matters
  • Break goals into milestones and tasks to ensure work is manageable and forward progress is celebrated along the way
  • Link goals to organizational and/or department imperatives to ensure collective efforts are aligned

Connected Learning & Assessments

Ongoing learning and assessment opportunities should ultimately help employees achieve their full potential. But if learning resources are not readily available and assessments do not reinforce the learning, their value is lost. Employees need access to self-directed and peer-to-peer learning opportunities in addition to "formal" training structures. Equally important, managers need the ability to assess skills and assign training directly linked to the needs of the business AND the growth potential of the employee.

Making Connected Learning & Assessments Work

  • Create a vibrant, living culture of learning where employee development is discussed, valued, and measured
  • Adopt the notion of actionable, “micro-learning” for greater impact and retention
  • Make sure traditionally siloed talent development processes, such as coaching and training, are seamlessly linked
  • Use assessments as reference points to understand individual and collective strengths and developmental opportunities

iCoachFirst Learning and Assessments

  • Delivers high-quality learning solutions in an efficient, integrated manner throughout the application
  • Assigns training assets and/or resources right from a Coaching Conversation template to ensure actionable follow-up
  • Provides self-directed and peer-to-peer learning opportunities to promote a true environment of agile development
  • Adapt and modifies training resources at any time to maintain fresh, meaningful content
  • Learning catalog highlights featured trainings and sorts learning content in an easy-to-use fashion
  • Mobile access ensures learning happens on-the-go and in-the-moment
  • Deploys post-training learning checks, and other surveys and assessments, right from the system for holistic learning measurement and reference 
  • Regular or periodic pulse surveys help to uncover and opportunities and challenges and target strategies in a dynamic, learning environment
  • 360-degree and behavioral assessments serve as valuable diagnostic tools to inform decisions

Continuous Performance Growth

Given the pace of change in business and the world today, leaders are responding to “business hyperspeed” with more nimble and agile goals and strategic plans. Ideas are tested quickly, metrics are gathered in real-time, and fail-fast decisions are made with candor and immediacy. In order for organizations to truly survive and thrive at the pace of business change today, talent planning and development must also evolve to be equally agile, responsive and measurable. Technology-enabled performance management unites the goals of the business with the aspirations of the people who bring the business to life.

iCoachFirst Continuous Performance Growth

iCoachFirst is on a mission to create workplaces infused with relevant, real-time performance feedback, targeted coaching and meaningful collaboration. The iCoachFirst software solution provides clients with cloud-based, mobile-first continuous communication and coaching tools to modernize performance management and keep managers and employees engaged.

By breaking down the annual performance review process into daily, digital micro-conversations, iCoachFirst modernizes the talent management process with consistent, timely and honest feedback which aggregates into meaningful performance data that puts talent first.

With iCoachFirst

  • Manager’s coach
  • Employees engage
  • Team’s collaborate
  • Training is connected
  • Feedback is on-going and real-time
  • Reviews write themselves